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Work-Study Application

Applications are due May 3, 2019.

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List any special skills, training, or study. Include languages spoken, read, or written other than English.

List any special hobbies or interests. List any organizations, in school or outside of school, of which you are a member. Please include leadership roles, abilities or honors that should be considered.

Please provide information about your computer experience/knowledge. Select "yes" or "no" if you know your way around the following computer platforms:
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Please indicate your proficiency in the software listed below.
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List any current or previous volunteer, ROTC, school credit or paid work experience, and your duties. You may use the upload tool below to attach a resume or work/volunteer history.
*Work/Volunteer Experience:
Use the four upload tools below to upload a cover letter, two letters of reference and an optional resume or work/volunteer history.
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Application Completion Checklist

Application Packets without all of the required materials will not be given further consideration.
Completed Application
A one-page cover letter briefly describing your interest in the related field or department you are interested in working.
Two letters of recommendation. One must be from a school counselor verifying GPA. One can be from a teacher, principal or employer.
A resume or work/volunteer history.

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Application packets must be received by May 3, 2019.

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