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Please complete the following descriptions of your background.

1. Describe ways in which you have demonstrated commitment to your community. Include any school, church or civic activities in which you have volunteered to better your school and community. You may also include work experience.
2. Explain how these funds will help you fulfill your educational goals and what financial limitations you will face without these funds.
3. What qualities do you have that would demonstrate that you are a person of integrity?
4. Innovation is the creation of something new, different or unique. Describe a circumstance in your life that has required an innovative response. This can be an explanation of any obstacles you have overcome, extraordinary needs you have faced or unique endeavors you have undertaken.

Financial Need Assessment
Financial information will be handled as strictly confidential information.

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Required Documents:
Please upload the following required items with your application:

1. High School Transcript (MUST be signed by a school administrator).

2. ACT or SAT score verification (if taken).

3. Two letters of recommendation (no letters from relatives will be accepted).

NOTE: If you are chosen as a scholarship winner, an acceptance letter from your school of choice must be submitted to: scholarship@CoastalElectric.Coop to receive your scholarship funds.

If you have questions, please call (912) 880-4029.

*High School Transcript:
ACT or SAT Verification:
*First Recommendation Letter:
*Second Recommendation Letter:
I certify that all the information reported in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that before receiving scholarship funds I must furnish proof I am enrolled and have a student ID at an accredited college, university or technical college. If I win, I grant Coastal Electric Cooperative permission to use my name and/or photographs in its publicity of this scholarship without further consideration or compensation to me.

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