Request to Receive Levelized Billing

Please place my Account on the Levelized Billing Plan
Terms and Conditions:
The Levelized Billing Plan is offered only to residential accounts with more than twelve (12) months billing history at the same location. The account must have no returned checks or disconnects for non-payment and no more than two late payments within the past twelve (12)months.

The monthly Levelized Bill amount is based on the Member’s average bills for the most recent twelve (12) months. The Facilities Charge, Energy Charge, Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment and Outdoor Lighting are included in the calculation. Sales tax, Cooperative Solar, Surge Guard and other miscellaneous charges are not included in the calculation of the Levelized Bill.

Failure to maintain an on-time payment history may cause the account to be removed from the Levelized Billing Plan.

A Levelized Billing account that becomes delinquent on more than two occasions within a twelve (12) month period will be removed from the Plan and returned to regular billing. The Member may reapply for Levelized Billing as soon as their payment history again meets the conditions for reinstatement.

If the Member chooses to return to regular monthly billing, move to another residence or discontinue service, the balance (if any) on the Levelized Billing account will become due or any credit will be applied to the account or refunded.

Levelized Billing is not available for temporary (construction) service accounts. Once permanent service has been established for 12 months the account may qualify.

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