Bright Ideas Grant Application

2021 Coastal Electric Cooperative
Bright Ideas Grant Application

Please read these directions carefully.

Because the judges will score the applications blindly, do not include the name of your county, school, teacher names or school mascots in parts 3 or 4.

You must use this online 2021 Coastal Electric Cooperative Bright Ideas Grant Application.

Teachers may only submit one grant application per year.

Applicants must adhere to word limits.

Grants will be awarded to certified school teachers instructing students in grades K-12 in south Bryan, Liberty, and McIntosh counties. The competition is open to public and private schools accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Bright Ideas prize team will be making their rounds in early October.

Applicants agree that their name, photo and project may be used in print, broadcast and other forms of media in publications of Coastal Electric Cooperative and the Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation.

All applications must be submitted online by midnight Tuesday, August 31st.

Part 1 of 4 - Applicant Information
*Applicant Name:
*Title of Project:
*School Name:
*School Mailing Address:
*School Physical Address:
*Zip Code:
*School Phone Number:
*School Fax Number:
*Applicant's Email Address:

Part 2 of 4 - Project Overview
Which curriculum areas will the grant address?
*Curriculum areas:
How many students will benefit from this project?
*Number of students:
*Grade Levels Impacted:
*Did teachers, in addition to yourself, work as a team to prepare this application? If so, please list the names of the teachers.

Part 3 of 4 - Project Description
(From this point forward, please do not include the name of your school, school mascot, county or any member of your team.)

Please give a brief description of the project. (Limit 150 words.)

What makes this project innovative and/or creative? (Limit 100 words.)

How will this project benefit students? (Limit 100 words.)

Please explain how you will implement this project. If you will be assisted by others, include what others will be doing. However do not include names of people. For example, instead of "Mrs. Smith and Mr. Roberts will"; "other 4th grade teachers will." (Limit 250 words.)

Part 4 of 4 - Budget - Maximum Grant is $2,000

Use only digits and a decimal in the Quantity and Cost fields - no text or dollar signs.
Mandatory Items - Items you MUST HAVE in order to complete the project.
Description:Quantity:Unit Cost:Total Cost:
Amount you must have to implement grant.Total:
Other Items - Items you would LIKE (not mandatory) in order to complete this project.
Description:Quantity:Unit Cost:Total Cost:
Total of Other Items.Total:
Total amount (should be the total of minimum needed and other items):

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