Technical Scholarship Application

With 80% of today’s new jobs requiring some sort of technical post education, Coastal Electric Cooperative offers the gateway to needed training in engineering, aerospace, biomedicine, technology, logistics, robotics and other evolving vocations important to Georgia’s employers throughout the state. Our scholarship programs offer students access to the training and skills needed to compete in the global market. They are one of the ways we support our local communities and represent a significant investment by our members.

We are pleased to offer this renewable technical college scholarship to students of all ages pursuing a diploma, degree or certificate program from any of the 88 campuses of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or a recognized electric lineman school in Georgia.

There are three windows of opportunity to apply throughout the year. Our deadlines are May 1 for Summer semester, July 15 for Fall and December 15 for Spring.

Eligibility Requirements
Applicant must provide the admission category requirements of a “Regular Status” student or a “Pending Admit Status” (high school seniors only), meet all requirements for admission into a selected program, and be eligible to take all courses in the program curriculum.

Applicant must have a home mailing address within Coastal Electric Cooperative’s service area, which is south Bryan, Liberty, Long or McIntosh counties. The applicant does not have to be a customer of Coastal Electric Cooperative.

Full-time enrollment in a certificate or diploma program is not required and students are not required to graduate from high school with a specific GPA. However, they must provide proof of a postsecondary cumulative 2.0 GPA, at certain checkpoints, in order to maintain eligibility for scholarship renewal.

Scholarships are paid in full to the student at the beginning of the school semester upon verification of “Regular Status” acceptance by the technical college.

Except for routine breaks in scheduled terms, attendance to the technical college must be contiguous throughout the award year or until a certificate of completion is obtained.

A. Applicant's Information
*Full Name:
*Street Address:
*Zip Code:
Mailing Address (if different):
Zip Code:
*Daytime Telephone Number:
*Email Address:
*High School Attended (or GED):
*Year Graduated (or obtained GED):
*Planned Technical College Name:
*Planned Program of Study:
B. Financial Information
*How are you financing your technical college tuition and expenses? Please directly address financial need and/or special circumstances as they will be considered when awarding this scholarship:

C. Personal Goal Statement
*Provide a statement relative to your educational and vocational goals. You might include your plans and aspirations for the future and what values you hold to be important to your development:

D. Extra-Curricular Activities
*Please list all school-related or community activities and organizations you have participated in, including offices held, honors received and awards granted. Include length of membership and term(s) of service:

E. Work History
*Please list all full-time, part-time, summer or voluntary jobs that you have held including length of employment and job duties. Include what skills and abilities you have acquired through your employment:

F. Additional Information
*Please provide any additional information related to the scholarship criteria that you want the selection committee to consider when reviewing your application:

G. Available Scholarship Amount
Select the amount of the scholarship that you are requesting based on the number of credit hours you are taking during the semester. $150 of scholarship money is available for each credit hour.
*Scholarship Amount Requested:
H. References
Please provide two personal references or letters of recommendation related to your scholastic ability, work habits, attitude and character. The references may not come from a family member or relative. If letters of recommendation are offered in lieu of references they must be included with this application submittal.
Reference #1 Name:
Contact Information:
Reference #2 Name:
Contact Information:
Letter of Recommendation #1:
Letter of Recommendation #2:
I. Proof of Enrollment Status
Please upload your class schedule or letter from your school to show your current enrollment status.
*Proof of Current Enrollment Status:
J. Application Submittal
I certify that all information reported on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that upon the awarding of the scholarship I must furnish proof that I am enrolled or have been accepted for admission at a TCSG campus. Proof of financial information submitted may also be required if scholarship is awarded. If I win, I grant Coastal Electric Cooperative and the Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation permission to use my name and/or photograph in its publicity of this scholarship without consideration of compensation to me.

The applicant may not be an employee, or a dependent of an employee, of Coastal Electric Cooperative nor a member of, or a dependent of a member of, the Coastal Electric Cooperative board of directors or the Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation board.

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All applications must be received by midnight on the deadline date. The latest information on this scholarship can be found at CoastalElectric.Coop/Scholarships.

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