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Advance Pay is a pre-paid electricity option available for the primary residence of any member with an average monthly usage greater than 200 kilowatt hours.

FOR NEW MEMBERS: Advance Pay means you can begin service with no deposit. You will not receive a monthly bill and there are no late charges or collection fees.

Advance Pay members make prepayments to their Coastal Electric account in any amount they choose and then receive voice, text or e-mail notifications of their declining balance.

Applicants choosing an Advance Pay account should complete a normal Membership Application if an application is not currently on file and establish an account as outlined in the Service Rules & Regulations of Coastal Electric Cooperative.

EXISTING MEMBERS: When your account is converted to Advance Pay, your existing deposit (if applicable) is applied toward any outstanding balance and the remaining credit (if applicable) is applied to your Advance Pay account. All previously billed fees and unbilled energy must be paid before an account can be converted.

BILLING & PAYMENTS: You can view your daily usage, review your alerts and notifications and make payments by credit card or e-check at www.CoastalElectric.Coop. The website also allows you to modify your notification and alert settings. Please verify your alert setting and all contact information as this is your only form of notification of your daily balance and disconnect warning.

Purchases may be made by e-check or credit card in any amount through, by telephone at 912-884-3311 and 800-421-2343, or by mail and by cash, check, or credit card at our main office. You will not receive a monthly bill.

CONNECT/DISCONNECT: Electric service will be subject to immediate disconnection if, at any time, your account does not have a credit balance. If service is disconnected any outstanding balance must be paid in full to reconnect service. In addition, you will be required to add a minimum of $10.00 to purchase enough energy to restore electric service. By making a payment to restore electric service, you agree to indemnify and hold Coastal Electric Cooperative harmless from any liability or damage that may result from automatic restoration of your service.

If your account is disconnected and does not become active again after seven (7) days, Coastal Electric will mail a final bill to the last known address on file. Once your account is final billed, if you wish to reactivate your service you will be required to pay any balance on the account, a $5 membership fee, a $28 connect fee and establish a $50 credit balance.

If at any time an Advance Pay Member wants to convert their account back to a regular billed account, a deposit may be required based on the Service Rules & Regulations of Coastal Electric Cooperative.

If service is terminated at the Member's request, a refund of any remaining credit on the account will be issued.

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I maintain a credit balance to continue service.

I have read and I accept the above Advance Pay Terms and Conditions.

You must acknowledge that you have read and that you accept the Advance Pay Terms and Conditions.

Please indicate how you would like to receive alerts and notifications of your account balance and notifications of a pending disconnect. Please select one or more method(s).

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